Gorge walking can be as high adrenaline as you wish to make it.  

Gorge walking is perhaps the most popular activity we offer and is ideal for groups of mixed ability as the challenges set can give each member of the group the chance to push themselves as far as they feel happy to, whilst encouraging others to do the same.

What is Gorge Walking?

Exploring a stunning gorge with swift mountain rivers running through them - the exciting way!

If you are up for the challenge you will be traversing water falls and rock cliffs, leaping into huge rock pools, walking behind raging waterfalls and achieving unbelievable things whilst having a time of your life

Is it for you?

If you are not that daring then you can still join in with only a limited amount of 'scrambling' required and see if you stay dry, whilst those about you go crazy with the buzz of adrenaline!

Why not book Accommodation with us to make your adventure complete?

Mick took us all gorge walking, I was the least adventurous of the party but felt confident under Mick’s s instruction and guidance and was soon overcoming my fears to rounds of applause from my boys
— Liz - Trip Advisor

What do you need to bring?

We will supply good quality specialist equipment as you would expect. When you book we will send you a detailed information sheet that explains what to bring.


Our prices are for groups of four or more, although we do quote for individuals or smaller groups on request

Per Person
£60 Full day
£220 Family Full day (2 Ad + 2 Ch u16) *
Discounts for youth groups or 10+ persons

Gorge Walking is a full day activity only

Need Lunch?

We can supply you with a healthy packed lunch for your activity day from £5 per person. Just let us know when booking!