Mountain biking can be a great way to explore the country side at a pace to suit your fitness and ability.  

Mountain biking is a popular activity and can be made as high adrenaline or as leisurely as you wish to make it and is a great social activity whatever your level, beginner or enthusiast. We have a wide range of areas around us that provide good off-road routes. From easy flat tracks taken at a leisurely pace to fast technical routes with lots of great descents!

We are fortunate to have a wide range of locations close by with routes that allow a flexible approach to enable us to provide rides for all ages, fitness and levels of experience. You will be led on the best route to suit your group and with our help you will also learn how to get the best from the bike with body positioning, gear selection, reading the ground and much more!

Anybody with a decent enough bike can take themselves mountain biking, but would they know the best place to go and have an expert on hand to navigate and be there for emergencies. We will ensure you get the most from your day out and learn more about the exciting sport of mountain biking by making the best use of your time Outdoors@hay!

Are the bikes easy to use?

We use bikes from a reputable local company who ensure quality new bikes of a high 'spec' that are serviced and ready to go. Your instructor will take time to set up your bike to ensure it is just right for your ride and you don't waste unnecessary energy.

Why not book Accommodation with us to make your adventure complete?

What do you need to bring?

We will supply good quality bikes & helmets and carry repair kits and safety equipment as you would expect. When you book we will send you a detailed information sheet that explains what you need to bring.


Our prices are for groups of four or more, although we do quote for individuals or smaller groups on request

Per Person (inc bike hire)
£70 Full day £50 Half day *
Family (2 Ad + 2 Ch u16) £260 Full day £180 Half day *
Discounts for two half day activities, youth groups or 10+ persons

Need Lunch?

We can supply you with a healthy packed lunch for your activity day from £5 per person. Just let us know when booking!