A great activity in many ways whilst having a good time learning some useful knots!  

Raft building is an extremely fun activity for a group to undertake in order to test their sense of adventure and ingenuity. It can be a stand alone activity or built into another programme such as Team development. We design the activity to suit your ability and help you build a raft with advice from the instructor or we can just let you get on with it yourself to see what happens. Either way you will have to be shrewd or 'Sink and Swim!'

Skills you may call upon one day!

Rise to the test to design and build a stable craft to carry your group on a journey whilst endeavoring to stay dry. Get it wrong and you will have to start again this time perhaps taking advice from your instructor on design, construction and knots.

When you are proficient with knots and lashes you can try different styles of rafts until you find the right design for durability, stability and speed!

Is it for you?

Raft Building is suitable for all abilities and ages and can be kept close to shore in shallow water for the less confident if need be. The more adventurous can go on a journey with the instructor close by in a safety boat.

Why not book Accommodation with us to make your adventure complete?

As a hen party of 6 women, we had a fantastic time raft building. The activity was superb................we had the most amazing time. I would certainly recommend it to people
— Danielle - Trip Advisor

What do you need to bring?

We will supply good quality specialist equipment as you would expect. When you book we will send you a detailed information sheet that explains what to bring.


Our prices are for groups of four or more, although we do quote for individuals or smaller groups on request

Per Person
£40 Half day
£140 Family Half day (2 Ad + 2 Ch u16) *
Discounts for two half day activities, youth groups or 10+ persons

Raft Building is a half day activity

Need Lunch?

We can supply you with a healthy packed lunch for your activity day from £5 per person. Just let us know when booking!