Learn to be Adventurous

This is a true adventure in the mountains that we have put together that will teach you a lot about the skills of camping whilst having a real wild camping experience.  

No experience or specialist gear necessary

We will supply all the equipment you need to camp out in the mountains overnight , you just have to bring your personal things a sleeping bag and a sense of adventure!

Campcraft is an indispensable skill that encourages campers to enjoy the experience whilst:
* Limiting the impact on the environment
* Being considerate to other campers
* Encouraging safe practice
* Learning lightweight camping skills
* Teaching longevity of resources

All you need to know

Most of these skills can be encompassed as part of a program whilst camping or taught as a one off session. We recommend coming for our 30hr as this will allow time to learn new skills, walk into a camp, put them into practice and then return the next day to go over any other topics.

The development of Campcraft skills have proved popular for groups wishing to make their camping a learning experience, not an experience to forget.

Words don’t adequately describe the thrill of successfully navigating and staying in the black mountains- simply stunning- huge thanks for such special memories- we will be back!
— Samara H - Trip advisor

Example program

Arriving on day one by 9am and spending the day getting to know your equipment, how to use it & other skills.
Depart mid afternoon for our walk into camp. Set up and enjoy the evening on the mountainside.
In the morning after cooking a breakfast we will walk back down to return to the centre.
The rest of the day will be spent packing up and going over further skills and departing mid afternoon.


On request we will quote an exact price taking into account your group size, time of year, food costs and how much time involved.

Prices quoted are based on our activity price of £50 per head per day.

The above 30hr program of £120 pp is based on up to 4 persons & includes all equipment & food.