Always looking to inspire or improve peoples skills and knowledge, here is our Blog of sorts. I am often asked how things are done, what can I recommend or do I have any tips for this and that. So hopefully you may find something of interest here or improve your own outdoors skills with a little bit of help from us.

If any of it inspires you to go out and try things, join us for more skills training or an adventurous activity then it's done the job, see you out there - Mick - Outdoors@Hay



a Blog of sorts!

If you are just getting into the outdoors or maybe wanting to expand your skills this selection of short Blogs may help broaden your horizon.

All things outdoors!

The posts are varied in subject, but all on the theme of outdoor stuff. It may be about Skills, Equipment, Walking, our activities or even Books.  

Browse through our archive below and see it something of interest is there for you!

If you were looking for a particular subject that's not there, let me know. I'm always looking for new ideas. I might as well do something someone is interested in rather my own ramblings.