Outdoors@hay offer development programes that are individually designed to forge the best qualities of individuals into an effective team!

Team Challenges

For those of you who are fortunate to already have a great team spirit and are just wanting to spend some time developing that further or looking to reward them for their hard work then our Team Challenges are just the thing.
Team Challenges help teams to have fun & appreciate each other outside of their normal environment and can include a journey by bike, canoe, raft or on foot and be as challenging or relaxing as you wish it to be, but one thing it will be is fun and rewarding! .

Team Building

These programes are presented still in a fun and relaxed way but focused towards a more analytical outcome by using our specialist knowledge and experience in designing specific tasks that will help to demonstrate the ‘Team Work Principles’. Our honest task reviews will emphasise the merits of working as a team and transferring those skills back to their 'normal' surroundings

Personal Development

These courses are based on our experience of military cadres and are for companies who wish to develop their managers leadership skills. They focus on the personal & leaderships skills necessary to inspire a team through tough times.

Many people have different concepts of what team development is, so we talk with you extensively to advise on a program which highlights the aspects you wish to address, consequently getting exactly what you want.

Our years of experience will ensure that your time with us is rewarding and fun for everyone!

Program design

We don't just use 'off the peg' programes.
We have many templates that we use to help design a program for your team.
We have not ever delivered the same program twice as it will depend on these factors:

  • Size of your group
  • How physical you want it to be
  • How in depth you want it
  • How long you want to do it for
  • Do you want to include your own staff training
  • Your Budget
  • Do you need accommodation


Once we understand your needs from the above we can design you a package to suit your budget from £80 per person


Team development can be arranged on our beautiful site, on the river, in the mountains or at a location of your choice!